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Ukraine seeks Western analogs of Russian Kalibr and Kh-101 cruise missiles - The Economist

Ukraine seeks Western analogs of Russian Kalibr and Kh-101 cruise missiles - The Economist Ukraine seeks Western analogs of Russian Kalibr and Kh-101 cruise missiles (Russian media)

Ukraine uses cruise missiles to strike Russians. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine require additional Western analogs of Russian Kalibr and Kh-101 missiles, according to The Economist.

"Ukraine also has new missiles at its disposal: steady flows of Storm Shadow/scalp cruise missiles from Britain and France, and a new surface-to-surface version of the Neptune," the article states.

A source within the General Staff of Ukraine informed the media that the significant change lies in the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have received new missiles and intelligence.

“As soon as we have a target and we can hit it, this is exactly what we do. Other cruise missiles are in the pipeline," added the source.

Ukraine needs additional cruise missiles

A representative of the General Staff also says Ukraine needs analogs of Russian Kalibr and Kh-101 missiles. The speed, maneuverability, and stealth of this type of missile make it hard to intercept.

What is known about these missiles

Kalibr is a family of Russian cruise missiles developed and produced by the Novator design bureau.

The tactical and technical characteristics of the Kalibr missiles, which are in service with the Russian Armed Forces, are not publicly disclosed. According to reports from 2012, the missile range against naval targets is 375 km, and against ground targets, it is 2,600 km.

Kh-101 is a strategic air-to-surface cruise missile designed with low radar visibility. It was developed by the Raduga design bureau from 1995 to 2013.

It uses a combined guidance system, including an inertial system with optical-electronic correction and a self-guidance head on the final section. It can receive comprehensive information both along its route and about the target's coordinates. Unlike previous-generation missiles, it has the fundamental capability to change targets while the missile is already in flight.

Strikes on Crimea and Sevastopol

Over recent weeks, there has been increased activity in Crimea. Russians have complained of mass drone attacks and missile strikes.

As RBC-Ukraine's military expert Vladislav Seleznov explained, the targeting of the Russian Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol undermines another propaganda myth.

For more information on the Ukrainian strike on Sevastopol, you can read the report on RBC-Ukraine.

More details about the situation in other areas of Crimea can be found in another RBC-Ukraine article.