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Ukraine develops anti-thermal ponchos for military camouflage

Ukraine develops anti-thermal ponchos for military camouflage In Ukraine, anti-thermal ponchos are being developed for military personnel (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

In Ukraine, development has begun on an anti-thermal poncho that will absorb infrared radiation. This will help Ukrainian military personnel camouflage themselves from thermal imagers, according to the Ministry of Defense.

As reported by the ministry, the Central Management for Development and Maintenance of Material Support is responsible for the development. It is expected that such a poncho will absorb infrared radiation.

In case of successful development completion, this product will help Ukrainian military personnel remain undetected by enemy thermal imagers and night vision devices.

Currently, the Central Management is already testing five samples of different fabrics.

"The specificity lies in the fact that we need to create a material that absorbs infrared radiation and has low thermal conductivity. Our goal is to camouflage military personnel and equipment from the enemy as reliably as possible," the Ministry of Defense stated.

Special materials are required for such a poncho. Fabrics for the anti-thermal poncho should be flexible and resistant to environmental conditions such as atmospheric precipitation, sunlight fading, and possess camouflage properties in various terrains.

Weapon production in Ukraine

As President Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted, Ukraine must become so strong and efficient that Russia knows there will be a response to every one of its attacks. To achieve this, it is necessary to strengthen the production of domestic weapons.

Ukraine already produces long-range weapons. For example, specialists have successfully developed a new version of the long-range missile Neptune. It was recently announced the start of serial production of drones, which are a kind of counterpart to Iranian Shahed drones.

As Minister for Strategic Industries Oleksandr Kamyshin revealed, Ukraine has significantly increased the production of ammunition. For example, mines have increased by 42 times, and artillery shells by almost 3 times.