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Ukraine and US negotiating with Israel for transfer of 8 Patriot systems - FT

Ukraine and US negotiating with Israel for transfer of 8 Patriot systems - FT Illustrative Photo: Ukraine and the USA negotiating with Israel regarding the transfer of Patriot systems (Getty Images)

The United States, Israel, and Ukraine are negotiating the supply of up to eight Patriot air defense systems to Kyiv, according to the Financial Times.

According to the FT, the deal is not yet final, but it likely involves the Patriots being initially sent from Israel to the US and then delivered to Ukraine.

An FT source noted that while the transfer of all eight systems is being discussed, not all of them may be sent to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials have not confirmed the negotiations.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Kuleba stated that Ukraine continues to work with various countries around the world to obtain additional Patriot systems and reiterated the call for all countries that possess such systems to provide them to Ukraine.

The Financial Times also reports that, in addition to the negotiations between the US and Ukraine, there have been direct talks between Israel and Kyiv regarding the transfer of Patriot systems.

Patriot for Ukraine

Recently, Deputy Defense Minister Ivan Havryliuk stated that, thanks to assistance from partners, Ukraine is narrowing the gap in military capabilities with Russia but still needs more air defense systems and long-range weapons.

Specifically, Romania recently announced its decision to transfer its Patriot system to Ukraine. The exact date of the air defense system transfer has not been disclosed.

Another Patriot system will be provided to Ukraine by the Netherlands. Additionally, another country, which has chosen to remain anonymous, will also contribute to this supply.