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UK Ambassador unveils details of drone production for Ukraine

UK Ambassador unveils details of drone production for Ukraine Martin Harris (Photo: GettyImages)
Author: Daria Shekina

Drones for Ukraine, for which Britain allocated £200 million, will be produced on the territory of both countries, according to the statement made by the British Ambassador to Kyiv, Martin Harris, in an interview with European Pravda.

"Drones are to be manufactured in cooperation with the military-industrial complex of our two countries. Ukraine currently has a significant advantage - extensive experience in drone usage. Therefore, there is great interest both from the United Kingdom and other countries in how we can collaborate with you in the production of drones - here in Ukraine and our countries," said the ambassador.

He also firmly responded to the question of whether drones would be produced in Ukraine and the United Kingdom. However, Harris did not specify the exact quantity of drones in question.

The ambassador noted that the production process is just beginning, and there are different classes of drones.

"But I think this will be one of the most promising elements of our cooperation in the defense industry," emphasized the diplomat.

Assistance to Ukraine from Britain

The United Kingdom has allocated the largest aid package to Ukraine since the beginning of the war, amounting to £2.5 billion.

It was announced that Ukraine would allocate £200 million for the production of combat drones.