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U.S. aid to Ukraine: White House says when to expect Senate's approval

U.S. aid to Ukraine: White House says when to expect Senate's approval Photo: John Kirby, Coordinator of the National Security Council at White House (Getty Images)

The United States President's administration hopes that the Senate will approve an additional financial assistance package for Ukraine in January 2024, says the Coordinator of Strategic Communications for the National Security Council at the White House, John Kirby, during a briefing in Washington.

According to the American official, the White House has made progress in negotiations with representatives of the Republican Party on addressing migration issues at the Mexico border. This progress is expected to unlock the approval of new funding for Ukraine.

"There has been some progress made. I won't get ahead of it. we'll have to see where it goes," he said.

Kirby also emphasized that the U.S. government plans to provide Ukraine with another military aid package at the end of December. After that, the White House won't have the authority to replenish supplies without Congress approving additional funding.

In this context, he stressed the importance of a Senate vote on this matter, adding "we want to get some funding as soon as we can."

Kirby suggested that the approval of the relevant decision by U.S. legislators "is going to be more likely in January."

U.S. financial aid to Ukraine

Recall that on October 1, the U.S. Congress passed a temporary budget bill that did not include new funding for assistance to Ukraine, as this initiative was decided to be considered separately. Following this, U.S. President Joe Biden proposed to Congress to allocate $106 billion. Most of these funds ($60 billion) are intended for assistance to Ukraine, with the package also including aid to Israel.

After prolonged discussions and disagreements, a new temporary budget for the government was approved in the United States without assistance to Ukraine and Israel. President Biden signed the law, helping to avoid a government shutdown.

It's worth noting that debates in the U.S. revolved around strengthening the border with Mexico. Republicans demanded the passage of immigration legislation, threatening not to support funding for Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed confidence that the U.S. would not let Ukraine down, and assistance funding would be approved.

Additionally, on December 20, U.S. Senate leaders made a statement about supporting Ukraine, expressing the opinion that funding would not be able to be approved until the end of 2023.