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Tusk's visit to Kyiv and Zelenskyy's bill on dual citizenship - Monday brief

Tusk's visit to Kyiv and Zelenskyy's bill on dual citizenship - Monday brief Collage by RBC-Ukraine

On January 22, 2024, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk visited Ukraine for the first time since he took over the government in December 2023. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian parliament registered President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's draft law on dual citizenship.

RBC-Ukraine gathered the main news for January 22.

Russia's war against Ukraine

Tusk in Kyiv: All details of the visit

During the meeting between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, two crucial points were discussed, including a new defense package for Kyiv and the potential for joint weapons production, according to Zelenskyy's Telegram channel.

"Today, we had very productive talks in Kyiv with Mr. Prime Minister Donald Tusk about all aspects of Ukrainian-Polish bilateral relations," he wrote.

According to Zelenskyy, the meeting resulted in a new form of cooperation between the countries to facilitate larger-scale arms purchases for Ukrainian needs – a Polish loan for Ukraine.

More about Tusk's visit to Kyiv - in RBC-Ukraine's article.

Poland joins G7 declaration on security guarantees for Ukraine

During his visit to Kyiv on January 22, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk says that his country had joined the G7 Vilnius Declaration on Security Assurances for Ukraine, according to a post on X by the Polish Prime Minister's Office.

"Poland has joined the G7 declaration, which aims to mobilize democratic countries in support of Ukraine," the statement reads.

As a reminder, Tusk arrived in Kyiv today on a visit. He met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Drones suspend operation of fuel complex in Ust-Luga for several weeks - Reuters

The Russian company Novatek will most likely resume extensive operations at its processing complex in Ust-Luga and the terminal in the Baltic Sea within a few weeks after the drone attack, according to Reuters.

Novatek announced on January 21 that it had to suspend some operations at the huge fuel unloading terminal in the Baltic Sea and the technological process at the complex due to a fire. Drones of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) were reported to be involved in the attack.

The newspaper Kommersant also reported that two reservoirs and a pumping station were damaged due to the incident.

"We believe the plant is likely to return to significant capacity within weeks or, at worst, months," emphasize analysts from the Moscow-based BCS brokerage.

The complex receives gas condensate, a type of light oil, for processing about 7 million tons per year from the Purovsky plant in Western Siberia for further production of oil products such as oil, aviation fuel, and diesel.

Analysts also say that Novatek will now have to export more gas condensate instead of high-margin fuel through other terminals.

Zelenskyy introduces bill on multiple citizenship to Parliament

Yesterday, January 22, the Ukrainian Parliament registered President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's draft law on multiple citizenship.

The draft law is titled "On Certain Issues in the Field of Migration Regarding the Grounds and Procedure for Acquiring and Terminating Ukrainian Citizenship."

The President has identified it as urgent. Later, it became known that Zelenskyy proposed in his draft law to update the procedure for acquiring citizenship for persons who, as part of the Defense Forces, participate in the defense of Ukraine's independence and territorial integrity and their family members.

EU ambassadors to approve use of Russian asset profits for Ukraine on Wednesday

European Union ambassadors will approve the use of profits from frozen Russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine on Wednesday, January 24. Journalist Rikard Jozwiak of Radio Free Europe announced this on the X social media network.

The Head of EU Foreign Policy, Borrell, has stated that there is a political agreement among EU member states regarding the use of profits from frozen Russian assets.

According to the journalist, EU ambassadors are expected to give the green light on Wednesday to initiate allocating funds to a separate account.

These funds will later be used for Ukraine's needs.

U.S. and UK impose sanctions on key figures of Hamas financial network

Britain and the United States have imposed sanctions on key figures in the financial networks of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, reports the press service of the British government.

Five key figures and an organization involved in the leadership and financial networks of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have become the target of new sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom. These sanctions aim to halt the flow of funding supporting these terrorist groups, particularly from Iran.

This marks the third round of sanctions imposed against Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad following the attack on Israel on October 7. These sanctions complement existing measures against these groups.