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Training of Ukrainian military in Britain: Photos

Training of Ukrainian military in Britain: Photos Photo: the British Ministry of Defense showed the training of the Ukrainian military (

The British Ministry of Defence has showcased how Ukrainian military personnel are undergoing training as part of the Interflex operation, according to the Twitter (X) account of the British Ministry of Defence.

"Shooting and weapon handling are among the key skills taught during the Interflex operation," according to a statement from the press service of the British Ministry of Defence.

It is noted that during the five-week intensive training of infantry forces, Ukrainian military personnel undergo training with military instructors from the United Kingdom and 10 partner countries.

The Interflex operation is a program for training Ukrainian military personnel according to the standards of the British Armed Forces. The program is organized by the United Kingdom together with participating countries of the Joint Expeditionary Force and other allies. The training is funded as part of the overall support for Ukraine.

Training of Ukrainian military in Britain

Since the early months of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel have been undergoing various training programs in Britain. For the most effective preparation of military personnel in Britain, a special training ground has been constructed. It is reported that its equipment and infrastructure will allow gaining experience in conducting combat operations in urban conditions.

Additionally, the training process for Ukrainian military personnel has been showcased in videos. The Ministry of Defence of Britain also reported that the country has conducted training for 33 thousand Armed Forces of Ukraine soldiers since 2022.