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Training for Ukrainian military psychologists concluded in Britain

Training for Ukrainian military psychologists concluded in Britain Photo: training of psychological officers completed in Britain ( NATO)

Training for Ukrainian military psychologists has successfully concluded for the first time on the territory of Britain. The pilot course for combat stress control groups lasted for five weeks, according to the General Staff of Ukraine.

"Ukrainian military personnel on the frontlines face overwhelming psychological burdens and stresses. Deaths, injuries, the loss of comrades and sisters in arms, intense shelling – these are the harsh realities our soldiers must witness and endure on the front lines," stated the General Staff.

The staff further disclosed that through collaborative efforts between the Ukrainian and British sides, a course was developed and implemented to prepare professionals who would assist soldiers in coping with combat stress.

Course program

The course consists of a two-week theoretical and practical phase, during which psychologists closely collaborate with the Armed Forces of Ukraine personnel undergoing training in other courses within the framework of INTERFLEX.

British instructors teach Ukrainians how to effectively work with military personnel experiencing psychological traumas, how to psychologically restore and rehabilitate them, and also how to provide first psychological aid.

"Additionally, it's a unique opportunity for exchange of experience: Ukrainians share the realities of our war with the British, and in turn, the British share their experience in working with veterans who have experienced combat and post-traumatic stress disorders but under different circumstances," explained the headquarters.

Following the results of the pilot course, the parties have agreed to train over a hundred military psychologists from combat units based on this program over the next year.

Training of Ukrainian military in Western countries

In November 2022, the European Union officially launched a training mission for Ukrainian fighters. At that time, it was planned that the EUMAM mission would train up to 15 thousand military personnel.

In February, it was reported that the EU would double the number of Ukrainian military personnel undergoing training. An additional 15 thousand servicemen would be trained.

In August, the Minister of Defense of France, Sébastien Lecornu, announced that 6 thousand Ukrainian military personnel had already been trained in the country as part of the plan to train Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters in 2023.

Also, at the end of summer, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Ukrainian military personnel in Poland underwent a course on civil-military cooperation according to NATO standards.