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Tourism in Ukrainian Carpathians in summer of 2024: Demand rebounds

Tourism in Ukrainian Carpathians in summer of 2024: Demand rebounds Photo: Rest in the Carpathians (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

A summer vacation in the Carpathians is always an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, the tranquility of the mountainous region, and active leisure. During the war, this picturesque part of Ukraine has become especially important for restoring the mental and physical health of Ukrainians.

Demand for vacation in the Carpathians in July 2024 and how to have the accommodation prices changed, read RBC-Ukraine's article.

Changes in cost of living this summer

Recent changes in the economy and the socio-political situation have significantly affected the cost of housing and services in the region. The winter season of 2023-2024 was not very successful for the Carpathian tourism industry. This was due to unfavorable weather conditions. Not all regions of the Carpathians had stable snowfall.

The beginning of the summer of 2024 was uncertain for both potential tourists and the hotel industry. The deteriorating energy situation in the country put people off traveling in May and June.

In June, the cost of electricity in Ukraine increased significantly. From mid-June to early July, the Carpathian resorts began to receive steady bookings for mid-July and beyond. All of this could not but affect the cost of renting housing.

Tourism in Ukrainian Carpathians in summer of 2024: Demand reboundsPhoto: Hotel in the Carpathians (

On average, compared to May prices, prices have risen by 10-25%, depending on the category of housing and services provided.

For example, as of July 10, a double room in a cottage in Verkhovyna costs 20 USD. A double room at a recreation center with a swimming pool in Solotvyno, Zakarpattia, will cost from UAH 35 USD to 39 USD per day.

Factors affecting prices this season

The wonderful time of mid-summer in the Carpathians is approaching. This is the perfect time for a change of scenery, retreats, physical and psychological rehabilitation, photo tours, and just trips with children to relieve stress.

The final prices for a vacation depend on many factors, starting with the services provided by the property owners and its location. Prices also depend on demand, which is high during this period, and energy prices.

Owners are forced to use expensive generators and charging stations to provide guests with at least the minimum necessary services and amenities.

The situation in the tourism industry in the Carpathians remains challenging. However, we can be optimistic about the future, given the ability of Carpathian businesses to overcome difficulties and provide a unique vacation experience for their visitors even in such difficult conditions.

Tourism in Ukrainian Carpathians in summer of 2024: Demand reboundsPhoto: Hiking in the Carpathians (

Moreover, the main period of the high summer season in the Carpathians is beginning. Despite all the difficulties, Ukrainians are massively choosing to vacation in the Carpathians and Zakarpattia, which is reflected in the statistics of search queries and the overall traffic of the main accommodation search services in Ukraine.

No less tourists in the Carpathians than last year

Judging by the statistics of accommodation search, many tourists considered traveling to the seashores of Odesa and Mykolaiv, but the intensification of Russian shelling in May hurt the trend of travel to the sea. Most beaches in these regions remained officially closed. As a result, many people decided to go on vacation to the mountainous region.

Now the number of bookings in the Carpathians for the next month is starting to grow. Most people choose the main tourist locations, estates near water bodies, or private pools.

Tourism in Ukrainian Carpathians in summer of 2024: Demand reboundsPhoto: Lake in Bukovel (

Although in May and June, the demand for vacation in the Carpathians this year was lower than last year, in the first decade of July the situation is already the same as in 2023. In the summer of 2024, there will be fewer or even more tourists compared to last year.

Summer vacation in the Carpathians is a great opportunity to recuperate and enjoy the beauty of nature. Despite the difficult conditions of war and economic instability, the Carpathians remain a popular vacation destination. The flexibility and adaptability of the tourism industry allow us to maintain a high level of service.

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