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To destroy 'pockets of resistance': Israel reveals plans for Gaza operation

To destroy 'pockets of resistance': Israel reveals plans for Gaza operation Minister of Defense of Israel Yoav Gallant (Getty Images)

The Israeli Defense Forces' advance into the Gaza Strip will be long and difficult. Israel plans to eliminate all Hamas militants, according to the statement by the Minister of Defense of Israel, Yoav Gallant.

Gallant mentioned that a ground invasion would lead to another phase of less intense combat, as Israel targets the “pockets of resistance” of Hamas.

He also noted Israel's belief that Hamas uses generators to pump air into its hundreds of kilometers of tunnels, originating in civilian areas. He showed journalists aerial photographs of what he described as a tunnel shaft built near a hospital.

It is worth noting that his statement came after the UN raised concerns about the rapid depletion of fuel supplies due to Israel's resistance, preventing fuel delivery to Gaza. Gallant stated that Israel believes Hamas confiscates any fuel that enters Gaza.

War in Israel

On October 7, HAMAS militants invaded Israeli territory, attacking both military and civilian populations, resulting in numerous civilian casualties.

In response, Israel declared a military operation, conducting strikes on militant locations. Additionally, on October 26, Israel carried out a raid into the Gaza Strip, using tanks for the operation.

Later, the Israeli military announced the continuation of limited ground raids in the Gaza Strip after infantry and tanks operated for several hours through the border fence, attacking Hamas positions and members.