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Temporary power outage hits NYC with reported smoke over Brooklyn power plant

Temporary power outage hits NYC with reported smoke over Brooklyn power plant Temporary power outage hits NYC (Getty Images)

A temporary power disruption affected numerous people in New York on Thursday night, with reports of smoke rising above a Brooklyn power plant, according to the New York Post.

Residents across New York City reported fast flickering lights and some experienced temporary internet outages.

A video on social media revealed smoke arising from a Con Edison substation in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn, triggering a 911 call reporting a possible explosion, according to the police.

The disruption occurred as Con Edison employees were restoring a transmission line at the Farragut Substation on John Street. The NYPD explained that a disorder during this process caused a citywide power surge, but fortunately, there were no reported injuries.

Con Ed acknowledged facing an issue at a substation in the borough, resulting in observed fluctuations in power experienced by customers.

“A fault on a high-tension transmission line occurred at a Con Edison substation in Brooklyn at approximately 11:55 pm last night,” said the energy company in a released statement. “Customers may have experienced a dip or surge in power at that time. Crews are investigating and working to make necessary repairs.”

Social media reports suggested that the power outage extended beyond the five boroughs.

According to the Daily Mail, The city experienced a momentary plunge into chaos, marked by numerous reports of New Yorkers trapped in elevators and stranded on the subway for as long as 20 minutes. Some drivers reported instances of traffic lights blinking.

Power outages in Ukraine

Last winter, Russian occupiers resorted to massive strikes on Ukraine's energy system, forcing the national energy company to implement emergency and planned power outages. Emergency outages occurred when there was a need to balance the energy system at a higher capacity than scheduled.

Recently, the Minister of Energy of Ukraine, Herman Halushchenko, stated that in case of attacks by Russian occupiers on energy facilities during this fall-winter period, power outages are possible in the country. However, such blackouts will not be prolonged.

For more details on the risks of power outages due to new mass attacks by occupiers on the energy system, read the material from RBC-Ukraine "Fall and winter in dark again? Three scenarios for the Ukrainian energy system".