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Tarot horoscope for July 3: Geminis can expect disgrace, while Cancers will hear good news

Tarot horoscope for July 3: Geminis can expect disgrace, while Cancers will hear good news Tarot horoscope for Tuesday (illustration:

On Wednesday, July 3rd, representatives of some zodiac signs will be lucky. However, there may also be challenges, so some should exercise caution.

Tarot horoscopes promise different things for each zodiac sign, according to Your Tango.

Aries: You drew the Ace of Cups card. Don't let circumstances and random mistakes ruin everything. Focus on your goal and don't get distracted by trivialities.

Taurus: Your card for July 3rd is The Tower. Don't be saddened if someone fails to meet your expectations today. Just let go of the situation; it will be much easier that way.

Gemini: You drew the King of Pentacles card. Dedicate time to your significant other. However, be cautious with people you don't trust. Someone may try to disgrace you, so be prepared for deceitful actions.

Cancer: You drew the Two of Wands card. Good news is coming your way. This day will be cheerful and carefree; no problems threaten you.

Leo: You drew the Five of Pentacles card. Don't rush to conclusions. Someone may try to deceive you, so be vigilant and don't believe every word you hear.

Virgo: You drew the Five of Swords card. Don't envy those who are more successful than you. Even if someone surpasses you on Wednesday, take it as an important lesson, not a defeat.

Libra: You drew the Six of Pentacles card. Be generous and help those who ask for assistance. Share your success with loved ones and do a good deed—it will bring joy to everyone around.

Scorpio: You drew the reversed Empress card. Try not to show aggression or anger. Relationships with friends or your significant other may be stormy, but it's no reason to start a quarrel.

Sagittarius: Your card for Wednesday is the Four of Cups. Doubts are preventing you from daring to do something grand. However, you don't even realize that you might miss a very rare chance for happiness.

Capricorn: You drew the reversed Five of Cups card. Don't ignore your feelings. It's worth listening to your intuition; you're one step away from a serious mistake.

Aquarius: Your card for July 3rd is the Six of Cups. A day of peace and pleasant company awaits you. Nothing will spoil your mood, so just enjoy the companionship.

Pisces: You drew the Wheel of Fortune card. Trust the Universe; pleasant surprises and grand events await you. Everything will be fine.

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