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Retrograde Saturn to trigger boomerang effect: Who should fear karma

Retrograde Saturn to trigger boomerang effect: Who should fear karma How dangerous is retrograde Saturn (illustration:

Saturn will soon enter its retrograde phase, which could have a significant impact on people's lives. The planet will trigger karmic processes, so many should beware of the boomerang effect.

Spiritualify tells when Saturn will become retrograde and who should be concerned about potential issues.

When Saturn will be retrograde

The planet will enter retrograde soon, on June 29th. From the very beginning of its "rulership," Saturn will influence many aspects of people's lives. This will continue until mid-autumn. Saturn will end its retrograde on November 15th.

What retrograde Saturn will bring

For many, this event will mark a "hunting season." However, they may find themselves not as hunters with a gun, but as prey. Saturn will expose many issues that everyone has tried to conceal.

From June 29th to November 15th, many will face the consequences for all the wrongs they have done in the past. Additionally, those plagued by indecision will need to learn to act swiftly and combat doubts. The lessons will be harsh, but those who understand them will find their happiness.

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What to expect from retrograde Saturn (illustration:

What not to do during retrograde Saturn

Saturn will not allow playing with fate. Those who don't play by the rules and hurt others should fear retrograde. Therefore, refrain from:

  • Starting new and grand projects
  • Attempting to lie and weave intrigues
  • Moving residences
  • Arguments
  • Betrayal

What to do during retrograde Saturn

During this period when karma will be particularly intense, focus on spiritual development. Additionally, you can:

  • Take the first steps towards reconciling with loved ones
  • Have open conversations with your significant other
  • Clear debts and fulfill obligations
  • Combat harmful habits and dependencies
  • Do good deeds