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Support for Ukraine - strategic interest of Bulgaria

Support for Ukraine - strategic interest of Bulgaria Minister of Defense of Bulgaria Todor Tagarev (photo: Getty Images)

Ukraine's support is a national strategic interest for Bulgaria, and it will endure for as long as necessary, states Bulgarian Defense Minister Todor Tagarev.

"The world will only be restored when Putin's authoritarian regime loses this war. Understanding this, Bulgaria has aligned with the European Union's joint policy to provide military assistance to Ukraine in accordance with the stated needs, without violating norms of arming and supplying armed forces," noted Tagarev.

According to him, there is a sizable Bulgarian community in Ukraine, and many ethnic Bulgarians have joined the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with some sacrificing their lives for their homeland.

"By protecting itself, Ukraine is protecting Europe from the Kremlin. If Ukraine loses, be ready to at least double the resources Bulgaria allocates for defense," he added.

He also added that the constant fear of war present in Bulgarian society is significantly fueled by Russian disinformation and affects the combat readiness of the army.

"This is a clear example that the disinformation campaign by parliamentary parties is reducing the country’s combat capabilities," stated Tagarev.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria, since the onset of the full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine, the number of applications to military academies has dropped by 35%, and the number of cadets has decreased by 45%.

Aid from Bulgaria

From the early days of the full-scale Russian invasion, Bulgaria has been providing various forms of assistance to Ukraine. Recently, behind closed doors, the Bulgarian parliament voted to supply Ukraine with non-operational S-300 missiles.

Additionally, Bulgaria will contribute approximately 150,000 euros in humanitarian aid to Ukraine due to the challenging situation arising from the full-scale Russian invasion.

In July, Bulgaria delivered a military aid package to Ukraine, including 100 armored vehicles, predominantly infantry fighting vehicles (BMP).