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Supply of air defense systems is crucial for Ukraine: ISW experts cited reasons

Supply of air defense systems is crucial for Ukraine: ISW experts cited reasons Photo: supply of air defense systems is crucial for Ukraine (Getty Images)

The supply of air defense systems and missiles to Ukraine from Western partners continues to be crucial for Ukraine's defense, as Russian forces attempt to adapt to the current capabilities of the Ukrainian air defense, according to the ISW report.

According to ISW analysts' assessments, Russian and Ukrainian forces are currently engaged in tactical and technological races for planning offensives and defenses, where both sides continually experiment and adapt their long-range strikes while upgrading air defense capabilities.

Additionally, the importance of Western air defense systems and the supply of anti-aircraft missile complexes to Ukraine in the short and medium term is crucial for the protection of Ukraine's growing defense industry. This is particularly significant as Russian forces continue to target Ukrainian industrial facilities.

Calls for strengthening Ukrainian Air Defense after Russian attacks

Following a series of massive Russian strikes on Ukrainian territory, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba has urged Western countries to expedite the delivery of air defense systems and ammunition to Ukraine. He also called on Western nations to provide combat drones and long-range missiles to Ukraine.

Similar calls for support and strengthening of Ukrainian air defense have been echoed in various European capitals. The head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in particular, proposed that partner states and allies, in response to the shelling of Ukraine, intensify sanctions against Russia and supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with long-range missiles to eliminate launchers within the aggressor's territory.

Additionally, on December 29, after another massive Russian attack, the United Kingdom announced that it would provide hundreds of missiles for Ukrainian air defense.