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Spy network allegedly working for Russian intelligence exposed in Poland

Spy network allegedly working for Russian intelligence exposed in Poland Illustrative photo: A spy network was exposed in Poland (Getty Images)

In Poland, 16 people who were part of a spy network were charged. It could have worked for Russian special services, stated the Warsaw Prosecutor's Office, according to Sky News.

According to the agency, the group operated in various Polish cities from January to March this year.

"The accused carried out activities including identifying critical infrastructure, including military facilities and seaports. They kept their clients informed about the results of their reconnaissance, for which they received remuneration," the prosecutor's office said.

Law enforcement officers found out that the defendants could "have conducted intelligence and propaganda activities against Poland and prepared acts of sabotage on behalf of Russian intelligence."

At the same time, there is no detailed information about the accused. All that is known is that they are foreign nationals.

Russian spies in Europe

Earlier, The Washington Post reported that Russia was recruiting spies in Poland via the Internet. In this way, the aggressor country is trying to track and disrupt arms shipments to Ukraine.

At the same time, a Norwegian resident recently told a local newspaper that Russians tried to recruit him. They wanted him to take pictures of military facilities in the country.

The Latvian special services also accused the taxi driver of spying on the army in favor of Russia and passing information about strategically important facilities in the country to the Kremlin.