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Shahed drones downed in 9 regions: Air Force repels night attack

Shahed drones downed in 9 regions: Air Force repels night attack Photo: the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces told about the downed enemy Shahed drones on the night of February 11 (

During the night of February 11th, Russian occupiers launched 45 Shahed kamikaze drones for an air attack on Ukraine. Of these, 40 were successfully shot down by the air defense forces, according to the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is noted that these attack drones were launched by the enemy from the Balaklava and Cape Chauda areas in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

"Units of the air defense missile forces, mobile fire groups of the Air Force and the Defense Forces of Ukraine, as well as electronic warfare assets, were involved in repelling the air attack," military officials reported.

Overall, as a result of combat operations, 40 enemy drones were destroyed.

Russian Shahed drones were destroyed in nine regions, specifically within the boundaries of the:

  • Kyiv,
  • Vinnytsia,
  • Zhytomyr,
  • Kirovohrad,
  • Mykolaiv,
  • Cherkasy,
  • Odesa,
  • Dnipropetrovsk,
  • Kherson regions.

Shahed attack on February 11

Russian forces once again carried out air strikes on Ukraine with Shahed kamikaze drones in the evening and at night. Air raid sirens were sounded in different regions of the country, lasting several hours.

According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the enemy launched Shahed drones in multiple groups from the south throughout the night of February 11th, changing course and operating over different regions.

Mykolaiv faced a massive attack - explosions were heard multiple times in the city during the night, with defenders engaging in combat operations. The mayor's office reported fires, damage to nearby residential buildings from the shockwave, as well as private vehicles and a gas pipeline being affected, with one casualty reported.

Explosions were also reported in the suburbs of Dnipro.

Additionally, air defense forces were active in the suburbs of Kyiv and in the region. By morning, the Kyiv City Military Administration announced that all enemy drones heading towards the capital were shot down on the outskirts of the city.

It was also reported that in southern Ukraine, 26 enemy Shahed drones were shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces and systems during the night.