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Massive drone strike on southern Ukraine: Air defense eliminated 26 UAVs

Massive drone strike on southern Ukraine: Air defense eliminated 26 UAVs Photo: the Defense Forces of the South Ukraine told about the shooting down of the enemy Shaheds (RBK-Ukraine collage)

Tonight, on the southern front of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Armed Forces' air defense systems successfully shot down 26 enemy attack drones of the Shahed type. These drones were launched by Russian occupiers for aerial attacks. The air defense operations were conducted in multiple regions, according to the Telegram channel of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine.

"At night, in the operational zone of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, the enemy conducted another massive drone attack. Intensive work of air defense units lasted for over 5.5 hours," stated the military.

Data on downing in the south of the country

It is noted that as a result of the combat operations, 26 Shahed drones were shot down, including 18 eliminated in the Mykolaiv region.

  • 4 in the Odesa region,
  • 1 in the Kherson region,
  • 1 in the Dnipropetrovsk region,
  • 1 in the Kirovohrad region,
  • 1 in the Vinnytsia region.

Feature of the attack

"The enemy's priority was once again the coastal strip of infrastructure and agro-industrial objects," as stated in the announcement.

The military reported that in Mykolaiv, a fire broke out due to a direct hit, and the shockwave damaged surrounding residential buildings, private vehicles of local residents, and a gas pipeline.

Preliminary information indicates one civilian injured.

It is worth noting that the summary does not include information about the drone attack on Kyiv and the region, where combat operations were also conducted to shoot down enemy drones.

Attack of Shahed drones on the night of February 11

Russian forces again conducted air strikes on Ukraine using Shahed kamikaze drones in the evening and night. Air raid alarms were sounded in various regions of the country, lasting several hours.

As reported by the Ukrainian Air Force, the enemy on the night of February 11 launched Shahed drones in multiple groups from the south, and within a few minutes. Enemy drones changed course and were present in the airspace of various regions.

Mykolaiv was under a massive attack - explosions were heard several times in the city throughout the night, and defenders of the sky engaged in combat operations. The city authorities reported grass fires, but there was no information about casualties. There were also reports of explosions in the suburbs of Dnipro.

In addition, air defense forces operated in the suburbs of Kyiv and in the region. In the morning, the Kyiv City Military Administration announced that all enemy drones heading toward the capital were shot down on the approaches to the city.