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Series of explosions in occupied Sevastopol

Series of explosions in occupied Sevastopol Series of explosions in occupied Sevastopol (photo: Getty Images)

A series of explosions occurred in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol in Crimea late tonight, December 27. Preliminary, it happened in the area of the bay, according to local Telegram channels, including the occupation governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozzhayev's channel.

According to Crimean Telegram channels, there were at least four explosions heard in Sevastopol.

At the same time, according to Crimean Wind, there were five explosions.

The network also talks about the work of the Russian invaders' air defense forces and equipment.

Meanwhile, a representative of the occupation administration of Sevastopol claims that a drone attack took place. According to Razvozzhayev, the air defense forces allegedly shot down one drone. He does not explain anything about other sounds of explosions in the city.

He also writes on his Telegram channel that there is no damage to infrastructure in Sevastopol as a result of the incident.

"In Sevastopol, the air defense system worked over the sea. According to preliminary information, one UAV was destroyed," he said in his post.

Explosions in Crimea

Explosions are becoming more frequent in the occupied Crimea. The Ukrainian Defense Forces have already conducted dozens of operations on the peninsula and in the Black Sea, destroying Russian bases, warehouses, and ships.

For example, on the night of December 26, the Ukrainian Defense Forces destroyed the large landing ship Novocherkassk of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in occupied Feodosia in Crimea. According to the Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mykola Oleshchuk, this large enemy landing ship was hit by cruise missiles.

Later that day, satellite images appeared after the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck Feodosia Bay. As seen in the footage from, in addition to the large landing ship Novocherkassk, another vessel partially sank. According to media reports, it is an old training ship "UTS-150".

It was also reported that on December 24, a powerful explosion occurred in Sevastopol in the morning. According to witnesses, a sound similar to the noise of a missile was heard before that.

In addition, on December 20, it became known about a powerful explosion near the village of Chornomorske in western Crimea. At the same time, the center of long-range space communications of the Russian Aerospace Forces was hit.