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Security assurances for 10 years. Canada and Italy's promises in agreements with Ukraine

Security assurances for 10 years. Canada and Italy's promises in agreements with Ukraine Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada (photo: press service of the President's Office)

Today, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed security assurance agreements with the Prime Ministers of Canada and Italy, Justin Trudeau and Giorgia Meloni. These are the fifth and sixth countries to make such commitments.

RBC-Ukraine explains what the documents signed with Italy and Canada provide for.

The material was prepared using information from the website of the Office of the President of Ukraine.


The agreement signed between Ukraine and Canada, as stated in the text of the document, aims to

  • strengthen and deepen political, foreign, and military cooperation and effectiveness of the parties to the agreement;
  • allow the parties to the agreement to exchange information, requests, and feedback as Strategic Partners;
  • identify current and future relevant needs and requirements and match them with each partner's strengths, capabilities, and available resources;
  • develop and provide tailored military, security, economic, and other support to Ukraine;
  • contribute to Ukraine's reconstruction and rehabilitation, and support Ukraine's efforts to professionalize and modernize its forces to defend itself now and deter any future Russian aggression;
  • support Ukraine in the event of future Russian attacks or aggression;
  • support and prepare Ukraine on its path to NATO integration.

In addition, Canada pledged to allocate more than 3 billion Canadian dollars (about 2.2 billion US dollars) for macroeconomic and military support to Ukraine in 2024.

The agreement also establishes a 24-hour emergency response mechanism in the event of repeated military aggression against Ukraine.

The agreement between Ukraine and Canada comes into force on the date of its signing and will be valid for 10 years, but may be extended until Ukraine becomes a NATO member. However, within 3 years of signing, the agreement may be reviewed for updating. Such updates can take place on an ongoing basis, if necessary.


According to the President's Office, the agreement enshrines the main components of Italy's security commitments, including long-term military and financial assistance during its term. It also defines the priority areas of bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Italy in the military and non-military spheres.

Italy has promised to continue to meet Ukraine's most urgent and pressing needs to strengthen its security capabilities. In particular, Italy has already extended the relevant legislation allowing for further military support until 2024 and will assist Ukraine for the ten years of this agreement.

Italy also pledges to continue contributing to the EU Military Assistance Mission to Ukraine by providing training for military personnel.

Italy will also continue its partnership with Odesa and the region to provide support, reconstruction, resilience, and reforms.

In addition, the document reaffirms Italy's support for Ukraine's future NATO membership, in particular by supporting Ukrainian reforms and the interoperability of the Ukrainian Security and Defense Forces with NATO.

The agreement establishes a mechanism for a 24-hour emergency response in the event of repeated military aggression against Ukraine.

The document will be in force for ten years from the date of signing and is subject to revision by the partners in the event of Ukraine's accession to NATO before its expiration.

Security assurances for Ukraine

In July 2023, at the NATO summit, the G7 countries signed a declaration on security assurances for Ukraine. It was later joined by several dozen other EU and NATO countries. The declaration provides for a bilateral agreement between the signatory country and Ukraine.

The first agreement on security assurances was signed in early January 2024 with the UK. During his visit to Europe in February this year, Zelenskyy signed the relevant agreements with Germany and France.

Yesterday an agreement on security assurances was signed with Denmark. And today, Ukraine has signed agreements with Italy and Canada.