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Russians to recruit mercenaries from Africa for war against Ukraine

Russians to recruit mercenaries from Africa for war against Ukraine Russians plan to prepare mercenaries from Africa for the war against Ukraine (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Russian occupants are preparing an expedition to Africa to search for and train mercenaries to participate in the war against Ukraine, National Resistance Center of Ukraine.

Reportedly, the Russians are currently conducting a recruitment campaign in the Kursk region, where they expect to recruit 50 to 100 soldiers and officers to fill the so-called African Corps.

It is being created as a replacement for the mercenaries of the Wagner PMC, who operated in Africa but were sent to the war in Ukraine.

This contingent is planned to expand to Burkina Faso, and their main activity will be training and retraining of new waves of local mercenaries to be sent to war against Ukraine.

Mercenaries in the Russian army

Last year, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signed a decree allowing foreigners who enlisted in the Russian army to obtain citizenship on an expedited basis.

In September, Cuba reported that authorities were working to neutralize a network that operated both on Cuban soil and in Russia.

The Cuban authorities arrested 17 people who lured young Cuban men to serve in the Russian army in the war with Ukraine. They may face the death penalty.

Nepal has demanded that Moscow not recruit its citizens into the Russian army and immediately return all Nepalese citizens after it became known that six soldiers serving in the Russian army were killed.