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Russian propaganda attempts to disrupt mobilization efforts in Ukraine

Russian propaganda attempts to disrupt mobilization efforts in Ukraine Russia attempts to disrupt mobilization efforts in Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

Russian propaganda is attempting to disrupt mobilization in Ukraine through the use of memes, provocative videos, and false news about casualties, according to the Strategic Communications and Information Security Center.

The center has reported new attempts by Russians to discredit the Ukrainian army and government.

"In order to impose the idea on the average Ukrainians that mobilization is bad and the state is sending everyone to certain death, fake creators actively use social networks," the Center stated.

To achieve a more effective influence on people's perceptions, they are utilizing the Telegram group "Tsyfrovaia Armyia Rossyy".

In this group, propagandists share false narratives that bots and staunch Z-patriots should disseminate in the comments sections of Ukrainian channels.

Here are a few topics that the enemy is currently actively spreading:

  • a video of a Ukrainian woman addressing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with claims that he wants to kill all Ukrainians for the sake of joining NATO. The video is manipulative and staged since Ukrainians understand that they are fighting for their freedom, not for alliances. There is no evidence that the video was recorded by a genuine Ukrainian.

  • memes about corruption in the Ukrainian government and Ukrainians' reluctance to fight. These memes are designed to appear as if they reflect the sentiments of Ukrainians but are created with absurd mistakes, such as failing to translate the word "tsybulia" (onion) and leaving it as "luk" (bow).

  • news about losses in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, claiming losses of "up to 90%." Propagandists are producing fake news about casualty figures to scare Ukrainians and demotivate them from continuing the fight.

"If you see similar publications in your feed, do not like them and do not leave any comments, as any activity and interaction with such posts and comments increase their popularity. You should only report the publication," emphasized the Center.

Russian information-psychological operation (IPSO) and propaganda against Ukraine

Recently, the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense stated that Russian political technologists had prepared a new round of disinformation campaign aimed at the international discrediting of our country and inciting internal political discord.

According to Vadym Skybitskyi, a representative of GUR, Russia is currently targeting its propaganda to attempt to undermine the internal unity of Ukrainian society and trust between Ukraine and its allies.

In mid-August, the Strategic Communications and Information Security Center announced that Russians had launched another information-psychological operation (IPSO) on social media in an attempt to incite hatred towards residents of the Lviv region.

Additionally, there is information circulating on the internet claiming that former U.S. President Richard Nixon predicted an American war in Ukraine. However, this is a fake.

Furthermore, Russia has resorted to another information-psychological operation against Ukraine, this time spreading messages about the supposed "ruined energy infrastructure."