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Russian patrol ship sinks in Sevastopol, guerrillas report

Russian patrol ship sinks in Sevastopol, guerrillas report Photo: Tarantul patrol ship (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

A few weeks ago, a Russian Tarantul patrol ship sank in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol. This probably happened after an attack by Ukrainian naval drones, according to the Atesh guerrilla movement.

The guerrillas discovered a sunken border guard ship of the 205P Tarantul project in Sevastopol while scouting for ships.

It is located at the pier of the Hrafska Bay at the following coordinates: 44.615763, 33.587110

It was probably shot down during an attack by naval drones on the Russian occupiers' military facilities a few weeks ago.

"The Russians have lost another important piece of weaponry in the Black Sea. We congratulate everyone on this. Gradually, we will expel the occupation army from the Ukrainian territories and restore justice," the Atesh emphasizes.

According to the guerrillas, the ship was hijacked by the Russian occupiers from Ukraine in 2014. It was actively used by them for military purposes.

Russian patrol ship sinks in Sevastopol, guerrillas reportPhoto:

Security Service of Ukraine attacks on Russian ships

In August, the SSU conducted two unique operations in the Black Sea. Thus, on the night of August 4, a surface naval drone attacked the Olenegorskiy Gornyak landing ship in the Novorossiysk Bay. According to available information, the Russians will not be able to repair the ship soon.

Also on August 5, in the Kerch Strait area, a naval drone hit a SIG oil tanker transporting fuel for the Russian navy. The special operation was carried out by the Security Service of Ukraine jointly with the Navy.