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Russian hackers attack Spanish company that repairs Leopard tanks for Ukraine

Russian hackers attack Spanish company that repairs Leopard tanks for Ukraine Illustrative photo: Russian hackers attacked a Spanish company (Getty Images)

Spanish company Santa Barbara Systems, which is involved in repairing Leopard tanks for transfer to Ukraine, has experienced a cyberattack from Russians. Its website ceased to function, reports Sky News.

According to the source, a representative of the aerospace and defense company General Dynamics, which includes Santa Barbara Systems, stated that the analysis of the reasons for the website malfunction is still ongoing.

He mentioned that all operations in Europe remain unaffected.

Meanwhile, the hacker group NoName claimed responsibility for the DDoS attack on the Santa Barbara Systems website.

"We sent our DDoS missiles against websites in Russophobic Spain," the hackers of the aggressor country stated in their message.

It's worth noting that Santa Barbara Systems is involved in assembling Leopard tanks and artillery for the Spanish army, as well as assisting in the restoration of preserved Leopard tanks for further transfer to Ukrainian defenders.

At the end of May, Spain announced the transfer of a batch of Leopard tanks to Ukraine as part of a new package of military aid.

Russian hacker attacks

Hackers from Russia have repeatedly targeted not only Ukraine but also its partners in Europe.

In particular, in early May, a cyberattack by Russians on Polish government websites was recorded. The attack involved hackers associated with the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate.