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Ukrainian Minister of Defense reveals details of new aid from Spain

Ukrainian Minister of Defense reveals details of new aid from Spain Rustem Umerov (photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Spain will reportedly include a shipment of Leopard tanks and Patriot air defense system missiles in its new military aid package to Ukraine, tells Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov.

As Umerov revealed, on the evening of Wednesday, May 22, he held a phone conversation with his Spanish counterpart, Margarita Robles.

In particular, he expressed gratitude for the new military aid package, which include:

  • missiles for the Patriot air defense system;
  • a shipment of Leopard tanks;
  • 155mm artillery shells;
  • anti-drone systems and other weaponry.

"I emphasized that for greater effectiveness in countering the enemy, we need more air defense assets. This will enable Ukrainian defenders to resist aircraft and guided aviation bombs with which the Russian army is destroying our cities and villages," Umerov wrote.

Aid from Spain to Ukraine

During the Ramstein format meeting held on April 26, several countries announced their allocation of military aid to Ukraine. At that time, Spain announced that in the next package, it would provide Ukraine with ammunition, individual medical kits, and anti-tank weapons.

Later, media reports circulated that Spain was preparing to transfer a batch of Leopard tanks to Ukraine.