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Russian hackers attack government institutions in Poland

Russian hackers attack government institutions in Poland Archive photo: Russian hackers attacked Polish government institutions (Getty Images)

Russian hackers linked to the Russian intelligence services carried out a cyberattack on government institutions in Poland this week, reported the National Research Institute of Poland.

The department specified that the malware was targeted at Polish government institutions. It was spread this week by the APT28 group. Poland has clarified that this group is associated with Russian intelligence services.

"Technical indicators and similarities to past attacks allowed the identification of the APT28 group ... This group is associated with the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation," the institute added.

Reuters noted that several NATO members had previously accused Russia of cyberattacking. Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the country had previously experienced similar attacks.

Russia conducts cyberattacks in Europe

Hackers from Russia have repeatedly carried out cyberattacks on government institutions in various countries, especially EU members. Recently, such incidents have become more frequent.

For example, Germany recently summoned the Russian ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over cyberattacks against members of the ruling Social Democratic Party. Following Germany's example, Czechia also summoned a Russian diplomat for similar reasons.