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Russian diplomat attempts to buy weapons before Peace Summit in Switzerland

Russian diplomat attempts to buy weapons before Peace Summit in Switzerland Archive photo: Russian diplomat attempts to buy weapons in Switzerland (Getty Images)

A few weeks before the Peace Summit held in Bürgenstock, a Russian diplomat was arrested. He was attempting to buy firearms, reports the Federal Prosecutor's Office of Switzerland.

The Russian national attempted to obtain weapons and dangerous substances in several locations in Switzerland. An employee of the Russian embassy visited a store owned by a German-speaking Swiss arms dealer but did not make any purchases.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office confirmed the relevant investigations and stated that several searches of premises were conducted as part of initial security measures, involving cantonal police. The Russian diplomat himself enjoys immunity.

Journalists referred to the Russian activities as one of the most serious cases involving secret services that Switzerland has ever dealt with. The Swiss intelligence service was monitoring the suspected Russian agent, and later law enforcement authorities took over the case.

Russian agent may have escaped

The Federal Prosecutor's Office has requested the removal of diplomatic immunity, a move journalists deem rare. The Federal Council must also authorize the criminal proceedings.

The authority to make decisions now lies with Minister of Justice Beat Jans, but it's possible that Minister of Foreign Affairs Ignazio Cassis or even the entire Swiss government could be involved.

Meanwhile, Tages-Anzeiger notes that the Russian diplomat may have fled the country, with the Swiss government even lobbying for this process.

Peace Summit in Switzerland

Over the weekend, a Peace Summit regarding the war in Ukraine took place in Switzerland. Dozens of countries from around the world attended the event, but Russia was notably absent.

Meanwhile, it has recently been revealed that Rwanda has disappeared from among the signatories of the joint communique of the Global Peace Summit.