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Russia strikes Odesa region with Onyx missiles: Agricultural enterprise destroyed

Russia strikes Odesa region with Onyx missiles: Agricultural enterprise destroyed Russia fires Onyx missiles at Odesa region in the morning (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

On the morning of January 17, Russian terrorists attacked the Odesa region with Onyx missiles. The occupiers hit agricultural areas and an agricultural enterprise, according to the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine.

"After a massive nighttime drone attack in the Odesa region, the enemy launched a missile strike on the region before dawn," the statement says.

Simultaneously with the distracting maneuvering of tactical aircraft over the Black Sea, the Russian occupiers insidiously struck Odesa and Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi districts with Onyx missiles.

Photo: consequences of the Russian attack on Odesa region (

The missiles hit agricultural areas and an agricultural enterprise. An empty building for keeping livestock and harvesting hay was destroyed. Neither animals nor people were injured.

Russian attack on Ukraine on January 17

Last night, on January 17, Russian troops launched several groups of Shahed-type attack drones from the south into Ukraine.

After a warning about the threat of a drone attack, several loud explosions were heard in Odesa. Later it became known that the Russian occupiers had struck the city with kamikaze drones. The State Emergency Service showed photos and videos of the aftermath of the enemy attack. The fire reportedly engulfed a high-rise building and several cars.

Also yesterday evening, January 16, Russian troops attacked Kharkiv. Seventeen people were injured, and one man was killed. 19 residential buildings were also damaged.

In total, Russian troops attacked the territory of Ukraine using 20 attack drones and two S-300 missiles. Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed 19 kamikaze drones.