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Night drone attack on Odesa: Photos and videos

Night drone attack on Odesa: Photos and videos Photo: Photographs of the aftermath of shelling have emerged (

During the night of January 17, Russian forces shelled Odesa. Photographs of the aftermath have emerged, according to the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine.

Enemy drones targeted Odesa, causing fires in several areas and injuring three people.

"In several locations, fires broke out—apartments and vehicles of the city's peaceful residents were ablaze. Firefighters promptly extinguished the fires. Three people were injured and received medical assistance," reported the Defense Forces.

The Defense Forces have shared photographs depicting the aftermath of the attack.

Video footage depicting the aftermath of the shelling has also emerged.

Shelling of Odesa by Russian forces

On January 17, residents of Odesa heard explosions. It has been revealed that the Russian army shelled the city using drones.

It was reported that in the Odesa region, 11 drones were intercepted before reaching the coastline.