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Russia deploys missile cruiser in Black Sea, but without Kalibr missiles on board

Russia deploys missile cruiser in Black Sea, but without Kalibr missiles on board Russia deploys a carrier of Kalibr missiles into the Black Sea (screenshot from the video)

In the Black Sea this morning, July 1, there is reported presence of one Russian missile-carrying ship, which the aggressor country has placed on combat duty. However, the vessel is lacking Kalibr-type missiles on board, according to the Ukrainian Navy.

According to the Ukrainian Navy, as of Monday morning, the military has observed the following:

  • in the Black Sea: 2 enemy ships, one of which is a carrier of Kalibr cruise missiles, but currently without missiles,
  • in the Sea of Azov: 2 Russian ships are present but carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles are absent.

Additionally, in the Mediterranean Sea, there are 2 enemy ships identified as carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles, with a total salvo capability of up to 24 missiles.

РФ вивела у Чорне море ракетоносій, але без "Калібрів" на борту, - ВМС

Military sources also reported that within a day, in Russia's interest, the following vessels passed through the Kerch Strait:

  • to the Black Sea: 7 ships, including 4 continuing towards the Bosporus Strait,
  • to the Sea of Azov: 4 ships, including 2 moving from the Bosporus Strait.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Navy noted that Russia had begun launching Kalibr missiles towards Ukraine from the Sea of Azov, a development Ukrainian military officials termed pivotal.

Recently, Yevhen Yerin, a representative of the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, stated that the use of Magura drones in the Sea of Azov will depend on the situation and conditions in which they will operate.

Additionally, according to the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Navy, Dmytro Pletenchuk, a third of the Russian Black Sea Fleet's ships are already out of action -destroyed or damaged.