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Turning point: Russia launches missiles at Ukraine from Sea of Azov, says navy

Turning point: Russia launches missiles at Ukraine from Sea of Azov, says navy Photo: spokesman of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Dmytro Pletenchuk (facebook com Taclbery)

Russia has started launching Kalibr missiles at Ukraine from the Sea of Azov. Ukrainian military officials have called this a turning point, according to spokesperson for the Ukrainian Navy, Dmytro Pletenchuk.

"Four missiles (of the Kalibr type - ed.) were launched from the Sea of Azov, marking a significant turning point because, as you can see, they are using it, considering it a safer area than the Black Sea," he said.

According to the spokesperson, for safety reasons, the Russians have begun positioning their ships in the Sea of Azov instead of the Black Sea.

"Nevertheless, this fact is also troubling because they have decided they can use the Sea of Azov for positioning their ships and launching attacks. But, of course, they seem to forget that the Sea of Azov is also quite close to us," added Pletenchuk.

The Navy spokesperson noted that there is one submarine in the Black Sea, capable of carrying up to four cruise missiles. Three missile carriers are in the Sea of Azov, capable of carrying up to 20 missiles.

Night attack on June 22

Last night, the Russians launched 13 Shahed drones and 16 missiles of various types at Ukraine, including four Kalibr missiles. However, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted that the launches were from the Black Sea.

Air defense forces destroyed 12 missiles and all enemy drones.

Ukraine's energy infrastructure was again under attack. More details about the consequences of the attack can be found in our article.