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Romania authorizes rapid deployment of NATO forces in case of serious threats

Romania authorizes rapid deployment of NATO forces in case of serious threats Romanian President Klaus Iohannis (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Romania has granted permission to swiftly deploy NATO forces on its territory in the event of serious threats. This move is aimed at swiftly resolving crises and preventing their escalation, according to Euractiv.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis sent a letter to the country's parliament, allowing NATO forces to deploy unified operational-tactical groups on Romanian territory in the event of a sudden serious crisis.

Iohannis added that to ensure the rapid deployment of these forces within 72 hours, prior approval for their deployment or transit through the country's territory is required.

The Romanian Parliament will discuss the president's decision in the coming weeks at the next session.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Staff of Romania, Vlad Gheorghiță, also proposes to increase the population's readiness for a possible threat. He urges the Romanian government to adopt appropriate laws and measures, warning that Russia's victory in Ukraine may encourage further aggression.

The statement by the military chief was rejected by the Romanian Prime Minister, who dismissed it, while the Russian ambassador, Valeriy Kuzmin, threatened "consequences."

"As soon as Romania requests more troops and expresses concern by military service, then, of course, certain consequences should be expected. We openly talk about them, but we by no means seek war," said the Russian official.

The Romanian Minister of Defense, commenting on the military preparedness of the population, mentioned a draft law proposing contractual service for people aged 18 to 35 but did not disclose further details.

Romania's concern about Russian aggression

Previously, the Chief of Staff of Romania, Vlad Gheorghiță, said that if Russia wins its war against Ukraine, the next target of the Kremlin will be Moldova. In his opinion, Romania should be prepared for a potential conflict.

Following this, the Prime Minister of Romania called for staying calm, emphasizing that Romania would not participate in any war.