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Ramstein to operate differently: Changes in format of aid to Ukraine

Ramstein to operate differently: Changes in format of aid to Ukraine Photo: Ramstein will work in a new way (Getty Images)

This year, the formats of assistance to Ukraine will be modified into “Ramstein 2.0”, reports to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The new format of assistance will mean that from now on, allies will help not on an individual basis, but in a coalition format, according to the current need.

“The Ministry of Defense calls on all countries to intensify their efforts to repel Russian aggression and join the coalition that best suits each country's capabilities in providing military assistance to Ukraine,” the report says.

Coalition Support Office

The Ministry of Defense has also established the Coalition Support Office, which will ensure sustainable and systematic management of military assistance provided by allies.

As the ministry reminds us, the coalition format was created back in 2023. Since then, 8 coalitions have been created, including the Air Capabilities Coalition, the Air and Missile Defense Coalition, and others.

The tasks of the Support Office will be:

  • ensuring coordination and planning of work within the capability coalitions;
  • ensuring interaction between the coalitions;
  • analyzing the state of communications with partner countries.

Ramstein meetings

The last Ramstein meeting took place on March 19. The main topic of the meeting was ammunition. At the same time, the allied countries announced a series of aid packages that included artillery shells of 155 mm, 152 mm, 105 mm, and other ammunition. Another issue on the agenda was the strengthening of air defense. The partners expressed their readiness to provide more missiles for air defense systems. In particular, they discussed the F-16 training and drones.

According to the Minister of Defense of the Netherlands Kajsa Ollongren, the next meeting is expected to take place on April 26.