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Ammo, air defense systems, F-16s and more: Ukraine's MoD summarizes 20th Ramstein-format meeting

Ammo, air defense systems, F-16s and more: Ukraine's MoD summarizes 20th Ramstein-format meeting Rustem Umerov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine (Photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Daria Shekina

Ammunition, air defense systems, F-16 fighters, as well as drones have become priority topics during the anniversary meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, according to Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov.

Yesterday's meeting

According to him, yesterday's meeting in Wiesbaden with the military leadership of key partner countries was very important.

The Ukrainian delegation presented the plan for 2024, voiced the critical needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and presented the latest achievements in fortification construction.

"It is very important to preserve this format of meetings on the eve of the meetings of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group," the minister wrote.

Meeting with the US delegation

Umerov reported that today our team had a separate meeting with the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin and US General Charles Brown.

They discussed Ukraine's plan for 2024, fortification construction, strengthening Ukrainian air defense, and providing electronic warfare equipment. Long-range strike capabilities were also a separate point of discussion.

"During today's 20th meeting in the Ramstein format, the coalition of partner countries demonstrated their unity and resolve in helping Ukraine," he wrote.

Ukraine's needs

The minister clarified that ammunition is critically needed for Ukrainian soldiers.

"The ammo will be delivered! This was the main topic of the meeting. The partners announced aid packages, which include artillery shells of 155 mm, 152 mm, 105 mm, etc. We are grateful to our partners for searching for and finding ammunition all over the world, which is crucial to repelling the aggressor," Umerov reported.

Also discussed at the meeting was the supply of air defense systems to protect Ukrainian cities and soldiers from Russian aviation dropping bombs on our positions.

According to him, there will be more missiles for our air defense systems. He thanked the German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, who noted that the sky over Ukraine belongs to Ukrainians. Therefore, our common task is to ensure Ukraine's advantage in the air.

Umerov reported that F-16s will also help close our sky. In this direction, Ukraine is actively working with all involved partners, namely the USA, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, and others, to have aircraft in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Drone warfare

The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced that our war for territorial integrity is the first full-scale drone warfare.

"We have several new countries that have joined the drone coalition and made contributions. The coalition's first results will be drone deliveries to Ukraine in March," he wrote.

Umerov also discussed the possibility of investing in Ukrainian production of drones that have already proven their effectiveness on the battlefield.

Separately, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine held a series of bilateral meetings with colleagues from Germany, Sweden, Greece, France, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Portugal.

Ukraine will receive additional military assistance

Germany today announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine. Its value is 500 million euros ($542.35 million).

Luxembourg, as part of new military aid, will join Belgium and the Netherlands in purchasing drones for Ukraine.

And Canada, as part of new military aid, will provide Ukraine with a batch of night vision devices. RBC-Ukraine also reported on the results of the twentieth Ramstein.