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Putin's invasion of Ukraine is like Hitler's invasion of Europe, British Foreign Secretary

Putin's invasion of Ukraine is like Hitler's invasion of Europe, British Foreign Secretary British Foreign Secretary David Cameron (Photo: GettyImages)

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron visited Washington. He emphasized the need to continue to assist Ukraine, said David Cameron during the news briefing.

The minister said that he had visited Washington to continue to help Ukraine.

"I wanted to be in Washington DC this week to make the point about how important it is that we go on funding Ukraine and helping Ukraine in every way we can to resist Putin's illegal invasion," Cameron said.

Cameron also compared Russia's invasion of Ukraine to Hitler's.

"I see it as the challenge of our generation, just as my grandfather's generation had to fight off Nazi aggression in Europe. We are fighting against Russian aggression in Europe," the minister said.

The Foreign Minister said that during his meetings with members of the U.S. Congress, he emphasized that the war in Ukraine is a threat not only to the security of Europe but also to the security of the United States.

"Are we going to ensure that Putin's aggression against Ukraine remains a failure or will Putin prove that as he believes he can outlast us, he can divide us? He can not only continue to threaten Ukraine but take that aggression elsewhere, including potentially to countries in NATO," Cameron said.

UK support for Ukraine

Since the first days of the full-scale war, the UK has been helping Ukraine with weapons, humanitarian aid, and training for the Ukrainian military.

The Ukrainian military has received a wide range of military aid from the UK, including Challenger 2 tanks, long-range Storm Shadow missiles, M270 multiple-launch rocket systems, and other weapons.

The Times recently reported that the UK has provided Ukraine with Martlet missiles designed to defend against Shahed kamikaze drones.

Previously, Cameron said that the U.S. refusal to support new funding for Ukraine would only please Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Cameron also said that Britain would not cut aid to Ukraine in 2024, but rather maintain or even increase it.