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Bulgaria's Prime Minister urged Serbia to make a decision regarding its allegiance

Bulgaria's Prime Minister urged Serbia to make a decision regarding its allegiance Nikolai Denkov (photo: Getty Images)

Bulgaria's Prime Minister, Nikolai Denkov, advised Serbia to take a clear stance on its relationship with Russia and the European Union rather than trying to "sit on two chairs," according to DerStandard.

"Serbia is trying to sit on multiple chairs. But everyone knows that this cannot go on for too long. If they want to be pro-Russian, let them define it; if they want to be pro-European, that's another option. Serbia needs to decide," stated Bulgaria's Prime Minister.

The politician likened the situation between Kosovo and Serbia to the century-old adage that the Balkans themselves act as a powder keg. Any incident could have far more serious consequences. Therefore, it is indeed necessary to exercise extreme caution.

War in Ukraine

Journalists from a German edition touched upon the topic of the war in Ukraine and queried Denkov on how to proceed when a certain state fails to adhere to principles and international norms.

"If a country does not adhere to European principles, the rule of law, and international law, as defined by the United Nations, wars can erupt once more. The only means to prevent this is to utilize the experience demonstrated by Western European countries to the world," stated Nikolai Denkov.

The Bulgarian official additionally emphasized the need to isolate such a country from the rest.

Serbia's stance on the war in Ukraine

Serbia maintains an ambivalent position regarding the war in Ukraine. The country condemns Russian aggression and supports Ukraine's territorial integrity. However, Serbia refuses to impose sanctions on Russia and continues to maintain close economic and political ties with Moscow.

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, has stated that his country cannot impose sanctions on Russia, as it would signify a departure from traditional friendly relations with Moscow. He also argues that sanctions would not help Ukraine but would only escalate the situation.

Serbia's stance on the war in Ukraine has drawn criticism from the West. Western countries believe that Serbia is not providing sufficient support to Ukraine and is continuing to support Russia. In response, Serbia has asserted that it will share its European experience with Ukraine and support the country in post-war recovery efforts.