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Potential targets in Crimea for ATACMS missile system: Media analysis

Potential targets in Crimea for ATACMS missile system: Media analysis Photo: What targets can ATACMS be used against in Crimea (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The main targets for ATACMS ballistic missiles in the temporarily occupied Crimea are Russian air defense and airfields, according to Defense Express.

Last night, on April 30, the Ukrainian Defense Forces attacked Russian positions in the temporarily occupied Crimea. This is evidenced by the whining of the Russians. In particular, the sounds of explosions were reported in:

  • Yevpatoria
  • Dzhankoy
  • Simferopol
  • Hvardiiske
  • Krasnoperekopsk districts.

According to the agency, there is also unconfirmed information that the attack was a combined one. In addition to ballistic missiles, long-range drones were used against the Russian troops. In particular, despite Russia's statements about the possibility of intercepting missiles with its S-400, the reality is that a terrorist anti-aircraft missile system was destroyed in Dzhankoy.

“In addition to this, on April 28, there was information about another ATACMS strike on the positions of the Russian air defense system on Cape Tarkhankut. According to Russian unofficial sources, the attack was also successful and resulted in the destruction of allegedly only four launchers,” Defense Express adds.

The agency is convinced that on the night of April 30, the attack was also carried out against Russian air defense positions. ATACMS is probably being used to destroy Russia's air defense on the peninsula, as well as to create gaps in the areas of electronic stations' observation and the possibility of effective use of cruise missiles and drones.

“That's why ATACMS prioritizes long-range SAM positions as a primary target, as well as airfields, and it was created for this very purpose,” the agency notes.


On April 24, White House President Joe Biden signed a law providing support for Ukraine. In particular, on the same day, he announced a new aid package for Ukraine.

According to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the new aid from the United States also includes long-range ATACMS missiles.

Later, the Pentagon said that Ukraine had already received the ATACMS missiles in early April.

Read more about the new aid to Ukraine from the United States in the RBC-Ukraine report.