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Overnight shelling in Mykolaiv, one person killed

Overnight shelling in Mykolaiv, one person killed Photo: In the overnight shelling in Mykolaiv one person got killed (National_Police)

In the aftermath of a nighttime attack by Russian occupiers on Mykolaiv, a man got killed as his body was recovered from the rubble of a house, reports local media.

Rescue teams managed to extract the deceased man's body from the debris in the center of Mykolaiv.

It is worth noting that this marks the first casualty resulting from the nighttime shelling of the city.

Russian nighttime shelling

For three consecutive days, the invaders have been launching attacks on the southern region of Ukraine, targeting both Odesa and Mykolaiv.

The shelling has caused damage to residential homes and other structures in the cities, leading to fires. Previously, it was reported that 19 people were injured in Mykolaiv and four in Odesa.

During this night, the Russians fired 19 cruise missiles and an equal number of 'Shahed' missiles at Ukraine, with some of them being successfully intercepted.