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Outcome of Russia's invasion of Ukraine to determine global security for decades

Outcome of Russia's invasion of Ukraine to determine global security for decades U.S. Defense Minister Lloyd Austin (Getty Images)

During a briefing, the U.S. Secretary of Defense emphasized the significant importance of Ukraine for the United States. He also highlighted that the outcome of the war will shape the future of the world, according to the briefing by Defense Minister Lloyd Austin.

According to Austin, the weakening of the Russian army is attributed not only to the courage of the Ukrainian forces but also to the efforts of the U.S. leadership.

"Above all, that’s because of Ukraine’s incredibly brave troops. But Ukraine’s achievements also flow from bipartisan U.S. leadership—and from the coalition of some 50 countries that we’ve forged," stated Austin.

According to Defense Minister Austin, Ukraine's goal is to protect its independence and sovereignty from Russian aggression. He characterized this war as just and enjoying support from the international community.

"The Kremlin is waging an unjust war of imperial aggression—but Ukraine is fighting a defensive war for national survival. And you can feel that urgency on the ground. And that gives Ukraine the huge strategic advantage of a just cause," stated the U.S. Secretary of Defense.

He emphasized that Ukraine holds significant importance for America and the entire world, citing four key reasons for this.

  • Firstly, Putin's war poses a serious and direct threat to security in Europe and beyond.
  • Secondly, Russia's aggression is a clear challenge to our NATO allies.
  • Thirdly, the deliberate cruelty of the Kremlin is an attack on our shared values of democracy and decency.
  • And finally, Putin's war is a frontal assault on the rules-based international order.

Austin also added that the outcome of this struggle will determine global security for decades to come, and the United States cannot afford to sit idly by.

"So President Biden has laid down a clear objective: The United States seeks a free and sovereign Ukraine that can defend itself today—and deter more Russian aggression in the future," Austin announced.

The Secretary of Defense stated that the United States, along with its allies, is assisting Ukraine in becoming stronger so that it can withstand any future Russian aggression.

"And so we are working, together with our allies and partners, to help Ukraine build a future force that can ward off more Russian malice in the years to come," Austin said.

Aid from U.S. to Ukraine

In October 2023, U.S. President Joe Biden proposed allocating $106 billion to Congress, with $60 billion earmarked directly for assistance to Ukraine. The breakdown of how the money will be utilized can be found in the article by RBC-Ukraine.

On December 4, the U.S. Senate will vote on aid packages for Ukraine and Israel.

It was also reported earlier that the United States had postponed the delivery of the first significant batch of Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bombs (GLSDB) to Ukraine until the following year. Details about these bombs and their significance for Ukraine can be found in the article by RBC-Ukraine.

Previously, we reported that during his visit to Ukraine, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, presented a new aid package from the United States.