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Orbán explains why he opposed EU aid to Ukraine

Orbán explains why he opposed EU aid to Ukraine Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán (photo:

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban believes that the European Union should allocate as little financial aid as possible to Ukraine, which is repelling large-scale military aggression from Russia. According to him, Brussels should supposedly transfer the money to Budapest instead of Kyiv, according to Telex.

During an interview with the public radio station Kossuth Rádió, the Hungarian Prime Minister stated that the European middle class is suffering due to the allocation of EU financial aid to Ukraine.

He also believes that this worsens Europe's economic competitiveness, creates a lack of funds for green investments, and hampers the expansion process in the Balkans.

Orban added that he blocks the transfer of financial aid to Ukraine, in part because Brussels should be allocating financial aid to Hungary.

"I am constantly working on avoiding a situation where the money Hungary is owed ends up in Ukraine," he said.

The Hungarian Prime Minister also expressed the opinion that NATO is approaching involvement in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

"We have now come to the point where Europe sending troops to Ukraine is being seriously considered, which has opened a new chapter in the war. The big question right now is whether we can stay out of this thing," Orban voiced his thoughts.

Additionally, during the interview, he criticized freedom of speech in Europe, stating that it is in a sorry state.

Hungary's position on aid to Ukraine

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has refused to provide military aid to Ukraine following the start of Russia's full-scale invasion. He also continues to maintain a partnership with Moscow despite its aggression.

It should be noted that Budapest has repeatedly used its veto power when the EU has considered issues regarding assistance to Ukraine. In December last year, Orban blocked an initiative that would have provided 50 billion euros to Ukraine.

In mid-December 2023, the European Commission officially unblocked over 10 billion euros for Hungary.

At the beginning of 2024, the European Union decided to provide Ukraine with massive financial aid amounting to 50 billion euros.