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OpenAI CEO and Apple ex-employees unite to make new AI device

OpenAI CEO and Apple ex-employees unite to make new AI device Sam Altman (Getty Images)

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and iPhone designer Jony Ive are teaming up with Tang Tan, Apple’s design chief, to create a new device with AI features, according to Bloomberg and Business Insider.

Tan will join the LoveFrom design firm, launched by Ive after he left Apple in 2019, to shape how the product might look. Tan will lead the hardware part of the project at LoveFrom. His official departure from Apple is in February, but his responsibilities have already been shifted.

Altman, the AI expert behind ground-breaking ChatGPT, is in charge of the software developments, according to Bloomberg sources. He is also seeking funds for the project, including talking to SoftBank about a big investment.

The project is one of Ive's biggest since he left Apple. The well-known designer gained fame for his contributions to iconic Apple products during the Steve Jobs era, such as the iMac, iPhone, and iPad.

OpenAI CEO and Apple ex-employees unite to make new AI device

Jony Ive (Getty Images)

The team is aiming to turn the concept into a new company, but right now, they're still in the early stages, mainly hiring talents and brainstorming ideas. They are thinking about creating devices for homes, but the details are not publicly disclosed yet.

However, Altman earlier said that any AI product he makes "will not look to replace the smartphone" and he had "no interest" in competing with a device as popular as the iPhone.

Open AI CEO Sam Altman

Altman started to be recognizable after he became the face of an OpenAI company that introduced an AI-powered chatbot. He already faced temporary removal and subsequent reappointment. During the scandal, 514 out of 700 OpenAI employees who created ChatGPT threatened dismissal as they demanded the reinstatement of Altman and called for the board members' resignation.

Media reports suggest that Altman faced criticism from board members for prioritizing the rapid upgrade of OpenAI, potentially ignoring concerns about the risks the technology poses.

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