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Number of victims in Dnipro increased

Number of victims in Dnipro increased Photo: the number of victims in Dnipro has increased to 13 people (

In Dnipro, the number of people injured after the June 28 shelling has increased to 13, repots the National Police of Ukraine.

"Currently, the number of those injured by the Russian strike has increased to 13 citizens, including an infant and a pregnant woman. As of this morning, two women are reported missing," the statement reads.

Additionally, the police have identified the person who died as a result of the missile strike on Dnipro. The deceased is a 76-year-old resident of the destroyed apartment building.

Dnipro shelling

On June 28, Russians shelled Dnipro, targeting a residential high-rise building. The rescue operation is ongoing.

As of the morning of June 29, it was reported that 12 people were injured, including a pregnant woman and a child, and there was one fatality due to the shelling. Until recently, five people were considered missing.

In one of the building's entrances, apartments from the 8th to the 11th floor have been destroyed.