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Norway opens arms factory amid increased demand for missiles in Ukraine

Norway opens arms factory amid increased demand for missiles in Ukraine Archive photo: Missile factory opened in Norway (kongsberg_com)
Author: Daryna Vialko

A Norwegian defense manufacturer has opened a new missile factory to meet the growing demand for weapons. This applies, in particular, to Ukraine, according to Eirik Lie, the head of Kongsberg's defense and aerospace industry.

It is noted that NATO allies are seeking to increase production of weapons, ammunition, and missiles, partly to supply Ukraine, but also to replenish their stockpiles.

The decision to build the factory about 90 km southwest of Oslo was made in 2021, before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Part of the increased demand has come from the US Navy, which has chosen Kongsberg's Naval Strike Missile, an anti-ship missile with a range of 250 km, for its fleet.

Eirik Lie said that later the war in Ukraine started, and it was not surprising for the company that demand increased. He added that the factory will produce several hundred missiles a year.

A representative of the factory declined to say whether its NSM missiles had been donated to Ukraine by some NATO allies, but in 2023 it was reported that the US was working on transferring some of its NSMs to Ukraine to help overcome Russia's naval blockade in the Black Sea.

Naval Strike Missile

An anti-ship missile developed by the Norwegian firm Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace to replace the Penguin missile. It also can be used against land targets. The contract for the production of the first missiles was signed in June 2007.

The NSM has been chosen by the Royal Norwegian Navy to arm the Fridtjof Nansen class frigates and the Skjold class missile boats.

Weapons production increasing in Europe

Due to the war in Ukraine, European countries have begun to increase weapons production. Part of the weapons are being supplied to Ukraine, while another part is being kept by the countries to replenish their stocks.

In March, the manufacturer of the NASAMS mobile surface-to-air missile system announced that a new missile production plant would open in the summer.