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We not at war against Russia: Macron not going to send troops to Ukraine

We not at war against Russia: Macron not going to send troops to Ukraine Photo: French President Emmanuel Macron (Getty Images)

French troops will not be sent to Ukraine shortly, says French President Emmanuel Macron in an interview with

"To one question I was asked about the introduction of troops, I answered that nothing can be ruled out. This does not mean that we are considering the possibility of sending French troops to Ukraine soon. But it means that we are starting a discussion and thinking about everything that can be done to support Ukraine, especially on Ukrainian territory," says Macron.

According to him, the participants of the meeting agreed on five areas where they would like to do more:

  • cyber protection

  • joint production of military equipment in Ukraine

  • the security of countries directly threatened by the Russian offensive in Ukraine, particularly Moldova

  • the possibility of supporting Ukraine on the border with Belarus

  • demining operations

"In addition, I have always clearly defined our framework: we are not at war against the Russian people and we refuse to engage in the logic of escalation," says the French president.

Macron's statement about sending NATO troops to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out that NATO may send troops to help Ukraine, stating that the main problem is the current lack of consensus on this issue.

Several NATO countries have already opposed this idea, in particular, Germany, Czechia, Bulgaria, Spain, and Italy.

At the same time, some countries are ready to consider such a possibility, for example, Lithuania Latvia, and Estonia.

Canada, which is also a member of NATO, declared that it is ready to send troops to Ukraine, but only to train Ukrainian defenders far from the front.