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Night drone attack on Odesa region: Air defense destroys 22 targets, injured reported

Night drone attack on Odesa region: Air defense destroys 22 targets, injured reported Photo: Ukrainian air defense destroyed 22 targets in the sky of the Odesa region (

Russian forces attacked the Danube port infrastructure in the Odesa region with Shahed drones overnight on September 3. South Ukraine Defense Forces report that the occupiers launched 25 drones.

"Occupiers carried out several waves of attacks with the Shahed-136/131 UAVs from the south and southeast directions (Cape Chauda, Crimea, and Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Russia). A total of 25 Shahed-136/131 launches were recorded, 22 of them were destroyed by the Air Force in cooperation with the anti-aircraft defense and other components of the Ukrainian Defense Forces," the report says.

Нічний удар "Шахедами" по Одеській області: ППО знищила 22 цілі, є поранені

It is reported that as a result of the nighttime strike, the port infrastructure was hit, causing a fire that was promptly extinguished by firefighters. Preliminary information indicates two injured civilians who received medical assistance.

Russians intensify shelling of ports

In recent months, Russian forces have intensified their attacks on Ukraine's port infrastructure. For example, on the night of August 16, Russian military personnel shelled the south of Ukraine with kamikaze drones. Air defense forces shot down 13 Shahed drones within the Odesa and Mykolaiv regions.

The main target of the aggressors once again was the ports. They attacked the port of Reni in the Odesa region.

In two metal warehouses of hangar type, two tractors caught fire. Additionally, a building of an old elevator, part of the silos, and warehouses for storing grain were damaged. Furthermore, a newly constructed grain storage facility was destroyed.