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Night assault by Shahed drones: Death toll rises in Odesa

Night assault by Shahed drones: Death toll rises in Odesa Photo: the consequences of the Russian night attack "Shakhed" on Odesa on March 2 (DSNS)

In Odesa, rescuers retrieved another body from the debris at the site of a drone kamikaze strike by Russian invaders on a high-rise building. As of Saturday morning, the death toll stands at two, according to the State Emergency Service.

According to emergency responders, a 9-story building was destroyed as a result of the attack by Russian terrorists in the city.

"At least two people have died - their bodies were retrieved from the rubble by the State Emergency Service rescuers," the statement said.

Additionally, seven people were injured, including a child.

"The rescue operation is ongoing continuously as there may be people trapped under the debris. Currently, there is information that seven residents of the high-rise are not responding," the rescuers reported.

Attack by Shaheds on Odesa

On the night of March 2, Russian forces carried out another aerial attack using kamikaze drones on Ukraine.

In the Odesa region, air defense forces were deployed due to the Shahed drones attack. There were at least two explosions in the city. The Odesa Regional State Administration and the mayor's office reported the consequences of the strike, including one fatality and seven injured, and shared photos and videos from the scene.

In the morning, the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine reported that Russian forces launched 8 Shahed type drones towards Odesa and the region from the Black Sea. Seven of them were shot down by air defense forces, but one drone, maneuvering among residential areas, struck a 9-story building in Odesa.