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New explosions in Tula: Drones reportedly shot down (Video)

New explosions in Tula: Drones reportedly shot down (Video) Photo: new explosions rang out in Tula, Russia (Getty Images)

On Sunday morning, November 26, new explosions were reported in the Russian city of Tula. The network suggests that air defense systems are in operation, according to Russian Shot Mash Telegram channels.

Tula's citizens are posting videos on the Internet in which explosions can be heard. Later, smoke appeared in the sky.

Russians allege that drones were reportedly flying over the city, prompting the activation of anti-aircraft defense. The occupiers, in their usual fashion, attributed the so-called "attack" to Ukraine.

"According to our sources, anti-aircraft defense reportedly downed another Ukrainian UAV in the skies above the city. Locals also reported the sound of multiple drone flights in the Zarechensky District," Russian sources claim.

Explosive night in Russia

It's worth noting that Russians reported hearing explosions in Moscow suburbs and other regions on the night of November 26, attributing them to alleged drone activity.

The Russian Ministry of Defense asserts that air defense forces destroyed 11 kamikaze drones in four regions.

Alexei Dyumin, the governor of the Tula region, mentioned that air defenses shot down two drones in Tula at night. However, one drone crashed into an apartment on the 12th floor of a high-rise building.