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Near Bakhmut, Ukrainian forces actively defend and occasionally counterattack - Ground Forces

Near Bakhmut, Ukrainian forces actively defend and occasionally counterattack - Ground Forces Photo: Ukrainian Armed Forces provide insights into the current situation near Bakhmut (Getty Images)

The spokesperson of the Ground Forces, Volodymyr Fityo during a telethon clarified, that Ukrainian forces in the Bakhmut region actively defend their positions and, whenever possible, launch counterattacks against Russian invaders.

"The situation in the Bakhmut direction remains highly active. Our defenders successfully repelled 21 enemy attacks. The enemy, when weather conditions permit, actively deploys aviation. Interestingly, the weather doesn't significantly impact artillery fire. Prior to launching assault actions, the Russian occupiers extensively shell Ukrainian positions," noted Fityo, the Armed Forces' spokesperson.

Fityo further reported that in this direction, the Armed Forces successfully neutralized 235 occupiers and destroyed 8 units of military equipment, including a BMP-3. He highlighted that the ongoing conflict spans both the northern and southern flanks of the Bakhmut region.

"Our military is engaged in active defense, and whenever the opportunity arises, they transition to offensive actions to enhance tactical positions. Presently, Russian forces are attempting to reclaim lost positions, but they have not been successful," added Fityo.

What is happening near Bakhmut

The conflict near Bakhmut continues to unfold, with the city serving as the focal point of hostilities for several months. Despite the Ukrainian military's advances during the summer counteroffensive on the southern and northern flanks, Bakhmut remains under enemy control.

Presently, the Armed Forces are launching attacks on the southern flank of the Bakhmut direction. There is speculation among defense forces that in the event of the occupiers losing the northern flank, an operational encirclement of Bakhmut could be achieved.

It's worth noting that the Ground Forces previously announced the renewal of the Russian offensive in the Bakhmut direction with increased intensity. Read more on the front's developments.