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NATO summit in Washington - New steps to strengthen Ukraine's air defense announced

NATO summit in Washington - New steps to strengthen Ukraine's air defense announced Patriot Air Defense System (photo: Getty Images)

At the NATO summit in Washington, member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance will reaffirm their readiness to continue supporting Ukraine and announce new steps to strengthen the country's air defense, states a White House representative.

"Next week, you will see a powerful demonstration of support for Ukraine from the US and allies. Alliance members will reaffirm Ukraine's future in NATO and make important new statements on how we are increasing military, political, and financial support for Ukraine from NATO," a US administration representative said.

He noted that these statements will be part of Ukraine's pathway to NATO membership.

The White House representative also mentioned that the US will announce new steps to strengthen Ukraine's air defense capabilities and military capacities. These initiatives aim to help the country defend itself today and enable Ukraine to deter Russian aggression in the future.

Additionally, a senior US administration official stated that the NATO summit in Washington will send a strong signal to Russian President Vladimir Putin that he cannot overpower the coalition of countries supporting Ukraine.

He also added that on Thursday, a NATO-Ukraine Council meeting will take place, followed by a joint event with the US President and the President of Ukraine, along with nearly two dozen allies and partners who have signed bilateral security agreements with Ukraine.

During the day on July 5, Ukrainian air defense systems destroyed nine Russian X-59/X-69 missiles in the south and east of the country.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy held his first phone call with newly appointed UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer and announced a 100-year agreement.