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NATO prepares for possible war in Europe: Admiral gives advice to public

NATO prepares for possible war in Europe: Admiral gives advice to public NATO prepares for possible war in Europe (photo: Getty Images)

NATO admiral advises people to prepare for war and provides recommendations, according to Leidsch Dagblad .

After a two-day meeting of NATO's military committee in Brussels, three military chiefs hinted that the alliance is preparing for war in Europe.

"You need to have water you need to have a radio on batteries and you need to have a flashlight on batteries to make sure that you can survive the first 36 hours," said NATO Admiral Rob Bauer.

The advice for citizens to prepare confirms Bauer's statements that in the event of war, cooperation from the entire society will be necessary.

Bauer stated that for decades, there had been the notion of relying on professional armies to address security issues in Afghanistan or Iraq. He emphasized that for a new war, such a professional army would be insufficient. Accordingly, he suggested the need to reconsider systems such as military conscription or the activation of reservists.

NATO aims to expand ties with partners worldwide. In Europe, the alliance plans to cooperate with Austria, Ireland, and Switzerland, while in Asia and Oceania - with Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and Australia.

Next week, NATO countries will begin the largest exercises in the last decade, announced NATO General Christopher Cavoli. The general mentioned that approximately 90,000 servicemen from all 31 NATO countries, along with forces from their good partner Sweden, would be participating in the operation. He further added that the operation was expected to last until May.

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